Petroteq Announces Engagement of Development Firm for PetroBLOQ

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, Aug. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Petroteq Energy Inc. (“Petroteq” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:PQE; OTC:PQEFF; FSE: A2DYWC), a fully integrated oil and gas company, is excited to announce that it has engaged MetzOhanian, a software engineering firm based in Austin, Texas, to develop blockchain applications for PetroBLOQ.

MetzOhanian specializes in blockchain engineering, supply chain management software development, and digital security consulting. MetzOhanian will be working with PetroBLOQ to develop blockchain applications aimed at increasing supply chain transparency and efficiency in the oil and gas sector. 

“The use by Petroteq of a blockchain based platform designed by PetroBLOQ is anticipated to provide Petroteq with the latest administrative technology to interface with our customers, vendors, and suppliers in a real-time. Internally it will enhance the efficiency of operations, reduce administrative costs, and provide support to our departmental systems, so that our team can be in touch anywhere in the world. We believe that petroleum companies will find blockchain to be a useful tool in sharing information within the industry and will allow them to better service their clients and provide a level of transparency between the parties,” stated Dr. Jerry Bailey, Advisor to PetroBLOQ and President & Director of Petroteq. 

“While we believe we are in the early days of blockchain application in the energy industry, the potential for PetroBLOQ’s blockchain principles to create a technology consortia’s for remediation, and reclamation projects is equally as compelling. We anticipate that as interest grows in leveraging Petroteq’s proprietary technology for surface oil sands mining, the remediation and cleaning of contaminated sites and oil waste reclamation will come to the forefront. We expect that the integration of technologies provides the possibility of creating long term investments in the profit potential of something as game changing as blockchain,” stated David Sealock, CEO of Petroteq.

Metzohanian is tasked with working with PetroBLOQ to continue the design and development work that has already taken place. We believe that Metzohanian’s experience in supply chain applications and the energy industry will streamline the processes of creating products that will find a ready and willing customer base. 

About MetzOhanian

MetzOhanian is a boutique software development and security firm, based out of Austin, Texas.  The company has extensive experience in supply chain applications, with particular focus on security systems and practices.  Being located in Texas, the firm's principals are also well acquainted with the oil and gas sector, including its many challenges and needs.  MetzOhanian will be advising PetroBLOQ on the most viable, revenue generating applications for blockchain in the oil and gas sector, as well as how to engineer platform software to capitalize on identified opportunities.   

About Petroteq Energy Inc.

Petroteq is a fully integrated oil and gas company focused on the development and implementation of a new proprietary technology for oil extraction. The Company has an environmentally safe and sustainable technology for the extraction of heavy oils from oil sands, oil shale deposits and shallow oil deposits. Petroteq is engaged in the development and implementation of its patented environmentally friendly heavy oil processing and extraction technologies. Our proprietary process produces zero greenhouse gas, zero waste and requires no high temperatures. Petroteq is currently focused on developing its oil sands resources and expanding production capacity at its Asphalt Ridge heavy oil extraction facility located near Vernal, Utah. In addition, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, PetroBLOQ, LLC, is seeking to develop the first blockchain based platform created exclusively for the supply chain needs of the oil & gas sector. For more information, visit and

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