Patent Protection


Petroteq has been involved in the patent protection processes since the early days of its technology development in 2011. Initially, provisional patents have been filed in 30 countries worldwide, including those with significant oil sands reserves.

Patent protection applications have been filed covering these specific aspects involving the entire extraction processes and the physical features of the extraction plants and solvents applied as follows:

( a ) Solvent combinations and compositions.
( b ) Engineering and design features of specific major components and vessels.
( c ) Specific extraction processes.

Petroteq's patent protection program began initially in 2011 with provisional patents applied for in 12 countries with significant oil sands reserves. Subsequently, applications were filed in additional countries.

As of December, 2015, Petroteq's various patent applications are progressing from the "patent pending" stages to the "patent granted" stage. Russia has now granted a Patent #2571827 for an "oil from oil sands extraction process." This patent will be in effect to the year 2032.

Patent applications in the United States, Canada and China are progressing accordingly. These three countries' respective patent authorities are currently in communications stages with the Company. Petroteq is providing additional claim details, as well as altering some patent details for their approvals. Petroteq expects that by the end of 2016, all three countries will grant these patent applications. Once these patent claim changes are completed, Petroteq will be in the final patent claim stage for the United States, Canada and China.

Further updates will appear here for developments in all patent applications and patents granted.