S-BRPT Technology is a proprietary technology and extraction process that was developed for the Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) of heavy oil located at shallow and extra-shallow depths, bitumen, kerogen, lignite and the like and is based on the natural ability of materials to exist in various aggregate forms with specific physical properties.

This technology allows resynthesizing of such organic compounds and organic chemical compounds into a marketable product.  The S-BRPT process is environmentally friendly as it has low energy and water requirements along with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

The Technology is applied on the oil or other hydrocarbons in-situ via a specially designed tool along with additional components located subsurface in a conventional well. The physical form of hydrocarbons down well changes from liquid (for oil) or hard (for bitumen, etc.) into a vapor/gaseous form, which allows it to travel more easily to the surface. Once at surface the paraphrase slurry is received into specially designed and constructed facility where the slurry is synthesized into a liquid/hard form based on the designed specifications.

Accord GR Energy, Inc holds a sub-license to S-BRPT Technology that it can deploy on any oil or gas field acquired by it.